Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Imputation (Logizomai) & Genesis 15:6 (Romans 4)

Below is my article on Imputation that I wrote back in 2012 and was hosted on a popular Catholic blog that recently went defunct. I made slight edits to it, but otherwise no substantial changes. It is one of the most thorough articles on Imputation and the Greek word Logizomai that I'm aware of. I highly recommend Catholics learn this information, because it will greatly improve your apologetics when talking with Protestants. In fact, there is no Protestant response to this, because I quote almost 50 top Protestant theologians/sources admitting Imputation is nowhere clearly taught in the Bible!


Porphyry said...

I recall reading this some time ago, and it is quite frankly one of the most devastating arguments against the Protestant interpretation of Romans I have ever seen. It really needs to be taken up by someone and put into print.

Talmid said...

Really impressive stuff, Nick. Like Sola Scriptura and the rest of Solas, Sola Fide as understood by protestants has no basis on Scripture really. A shame that protestants just take these teachings for granted and never tries to look them up in the Bible.

I remember that Scott Hahn realising that this idea of imputation being just a man-made doctrine was the first step in his conversion to the Church. Your article should be way more viewed!

If anyone here can contact a catholic with some relevance, do it.

JW said...

How can logizomai in Romans 4:3-5 be a reckoning about the character of Faith or wages rather than a crediting of wages and righteousness? The key problem for your reading is the question of what does the "to him" in v.3 mean? It makes much more sense to read this as "credited to him" rather than as an assessment of faith. And there's nothing in v. 4 that requires logizomai to mean reckoning about the character of the wages rather than a crediting of the wages to the worker.