Sunday, September 16, 2012

Romans 9 Debate (Concluded)

A Reformed Protestant named Miguel has agreed to a debate on Romans chapter 9.
The Debate Thesis:
Is corporate (as opposed to individual) election the true focus of Romans 9?
I will be affirming; he will be denying.

The debate format is as follows (I will link to the Essays below each week):

Week 1: Opening Essay (Due 9/8)
Affirmative / Negative

Week 2: Rebuttal Essay (Due 9/15)
Affirmative / Negative

Week 3: 5 Cross Examination Questions (Due 9/18)
Affirmative / Negative

Week 3: Answers to Questions (Due 9/22)
Affirmative / Negative

Week 4: Closing Essay (Due 9/29)

If anyone has ideas on the best way to host the Essays, please tell me. I'm using Google Docs, which is kind of annoying, but better than creating a new Blog Post each essay.