Sunday, September 26, 2010

Justification by Faith Alone Debate Annoucement

Justification by Faith Alone Debate Annoucement

 I am pleased to announce that a Calvinist named Jeff has agreed to a debate on Sola Fide with me. Here are the general conditions of the debate:

Resolution: Does the Bible teach Justification by Faith Alone?
Affirmed: Jeff
Denied: Nick

Essays are 3,000 words, posted publicly on our blogs by the END of the week (by midnight on Saturday). A 1 week grace period is given to each debater in the event their personal life wont let them get around to posting. Comment boxes are closed, except for the Concluding Essay.

Week1: Both sides present an Opening Essay.
Week2*: Both sides present a Rebuttal Essay.
Week2*: Both sides submit 5 Questions to the other person.
Week3: Both sides submit Answers to the questions.
Week4: Both sides submit a Concluding Essay.
Debate Starts: Sunday, September 26, 2010


Ryan said...

I met Jeff on a forum a couple months ago. He liked my posts, so he obviously has good taste :)

I look forward to this debate.

Nick said...

Just an update: This debate was canceled before being fully completed. The essays that were finished have been posted on my Debate Index Page.