Friday, August 27, 2010

Sola Scriptura Debate - 5 Questions for Nick

Sola Scriptura Debate - 5 Questions for Nick

We are now in the cross examination portion. Here are my five questions for my opponent, Nick:

1. Give me just one apostolic teaching that is proven to be:

a. originating from the apostles;
b. necessary for salvation; and
c. which I cannot find in Scriptures and which your teachers make no reference in Scripture

Please provide your sources for the above question.

2. Since you mentioned an argument about the canon, I would like to ask you the dreaded James White Question: How did the Jews who were born 50 years before Christ know that Isaiah and 2nd Chronicles are inspired? Please note that Christ has not been incarnated at that time, neither was His church founded, and neither was there an infallible magisterium.

3. Of all the churches that claim to be founded by Christ and claim to know what is Scripture, please tell me what is the basis of your reliance on the church you belong right now is indeed the true church that is rightfully telling you what Scriptures are?

4. Has your church ever gave an official intepretation of all verses in all books of the Bible and all oral traditions? Please expound on your answer.

5. How do you understand 2nd Timothy 3:16 and 17?

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